Dog Grooming

Dogs depending on breed will generally require a more frequent grooming to maintain healthy fur and coat. We at Caring Paws use only the best grooming tools and products to ensure the safety and comfort of the dog, and we will always take the time to provide a gentle and stress-free grooming experience. 

Our grooming is on a first come first serve basis starting at 10.30am from Tuesdays to Sundays. Our furry friends will be put in queue at our salon and once done we will give a call to their respective owners to come pick them up. However, due to limited manpower, once our slots are filled for the day we will then close the intake for grooming. 

Its always recommended to give us a call or watsapp before coming over so take you would not waste the trip. 

Types of Dog Grooming available!

Basic Grooming

Basic Grooming for Dogs Includes Nail Trimming,  Paw Pads Shaving, Ear Cleaning, Sanitary Area Trimming, Bath and Blow Dry. 


Standard Full Groom

Our Standard Full Grooming include everything in Basic Grooming plus shaving off the full body, leg’s furs, and styling of the head.


Full Hand Trim

Includes everything in Basic Grooming and there will be no shaving of the bodily furs. Full body styling will be using the  scissoring technic. 


Relaxing Spas..

Ayuverda Spa is made from 100% organic herbs. It has 3 types of formula to cater to different skin types.