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Let them hate us for the bathing, not you! 

Cat VS Dog

As we all know, dog and cats are quite different from each other. One of the main key difference when it comes to grooming is their temperament. 

Generally, dogs tend to be more social and obedient than cats, which makes them easier to groom. Unless the dog has never been properly socialized and is big in size, we can get 49/50 small breeds groomed with no issue. Cats, on the other hand, can be more independent and may not enjoy the grooming process as much. Other than biting, the cat can also cause a lot of damage by trying to scratch your eyes out. As a result, cat grooming will often take more time and if the cat is friendly, we will do a bit more like paw pads shaving and sanitary area shaving for them as well. 


Drop your furs here and pick them up when it's done!


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